She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. Proverbs 31:17

Oh how I love the book of Proverbs. In this book we hear how awesome God created us. He created us with the ability to handle so much. I am amazed at my own strength sometimes. We really have to be able to put up with a lot in this life before we get to go home with the Lord. This verse tells us how God really created us to be.

One way God created us to be strong is by giving us the ability to balance having a career and a personal life. We are daughters, wives, mothers, and friends. We are also business people, teachers, entrepreneurs and much more. For those women who stay home and do not have a paying job, they are, cooks, maids, chauffeurs, financial managers and much, much more.

So many women put so much pressure on themselves to be thin. Well, what society says is thin and beautiful. Did you know that most men don’t hunt for that skinny, petit childlike woman? They are more interested in the woman’s talents and maybe overall health. I cook pretty healthy, most days, but there are those days when I want, no need ice-cream or cupcakes or a candy bar. Guess What? Your weight doesn’t define who you are, it doesn’t even define how healthy you are.

The final strength I am going to mention here is emotional. Women handle a lot emotionally. We take on the pressures of the house, the finances and in my case, my businesses. I sometimes feel drained mentally, physically and emotionally. I look to my husband to fill my cup and tell me how great I am and how well I am doing. It affirms my decision-making. I feel it is important to go through life with someone. God tells us this in the Bible. After all, marriage was created by Him to fulfill this. It began as early as Adam and Eve.

As far as energetic is concerned, I have my days just as everyone else does. Days, I would rather sleep, rest or just read or watch TV. With four kids, a husband and two businesses, this is rarely an option. Most days I finish working around 4:00 pm but then I have my writing and my serving at church. I am off to do that tonight. Serving Christ is vitally important to me to fill my Spiritual cup.




Everywhere we look someone is telling us what we need to be or do in order to be worthy in the eyes of this society. We are told what to eat, how to dress, how much to workout. We are told when our bodies are considered beautiful and when we are wearing enough makeup to cover up our imperfections. We are told that in order to be worthy, we must be career driven, successful and have it all. If we are home with our kids, taking care of our home and husband than we are looked at as less. We are thought to have settled instead of thrived.

There is a dark truth about many women who find themselves at the top of that ladder. Sometimes, they are there alone. They have no husband, no family and no real friends. While the woman that stayed home has a group of friends by her side, a husband that comes home with flowers in his hand and kids to keep her company. Instead of forcing ourselves to be what is worthy in the eyes of the world. Why not focus on what makes us worthy to the Lord or even to ourselves. Get rid of that fear of judgment!

God told women of their worth in the Bible. He elevated our position and gave us a place of respect and honor within the Christian home. I know in my home my kids and husband look to be for strength, for answers. They come to me when something has gone wrong. The look to me for what is right, how to behave. My daughter knows what to look for in her future husband. My boys look to me to see how women should be treated so they know what to do. When my husband brings flowers, they see my tears well up and the hugs and kisses and thank yous. They know what he did was huge, it made me feel awesome and they want to be that one day. My youngest, who is almost two, looks to me for what is right and wrong. She looks to her dad when it wrong to see if he will let ehr get away with it. 😉 lol

So, what makes you valuable as a woman? Your godliness and virtue. When you are a Christ-center, Spirit-filled woman committed to following Jesus, you will be the godly woman that God desires you to be. Unlike the outside world, God says your value is based on your ageless inner beauty of your Christlike character and how you serve Him.



Sometimes being empowered means transforming who you are. Whether it’s the way you think, what your wear, how you wear your hair or how you look. Whatever makes you feel the power you are born with. Women are a powerful asset in this world. Just think, without women, there would be no men!! We are the givers of life on earth. It takes a lot for us to feel that way sometimes. It is much easier for us to fall into a pit of despair when faced with challenges. Sometimes we just don’t want to do life. Why? Because it is FREAKING hard!!

Today was supposed to be my day off with my youngest daughter and husband. We were going to the Pumpkin Farm. Then my oldest daughter who has epilepsy amongst other disorders, had a  cluster of seizures at school, hit her head and had to be taken to the hospital. That was where I was, while my youngest and my husband went to the Pumpkin Farm. I missed her picking out her first pumpkin. I have never missed something like that. Needless to say I was in my feelings about it. I was upset that my daughter is still dealing with seizures and we haven’t gotten it all work out plus I missed my baby choosing her first pumpkin. I went about my day. I took a shower when we finally got home, and there is where I cried. I just cried, where no one could see or hear. After that I was good to go. Went and taught fifth grade girls about the Bible and led worship for third through fifth grade. Sometime crying just feels good!

By the way, my husband knew how I would feel about missing the Pumpkin picking so he recorded the whole thing. I got to watch it all before I left for church. I saw her go to each pumpkin and touch it, try to pick them up. She picked a little white one, then picked one for her big sissy to paint purple for Epilepsy Awareness month coming up. She also picked a green gourd for some reason. It was nice to be able to watch it, not quite the same but it really helped me get passed my feelings.

I had to do some transforming today. From what I had planned to something new, different and unwanted but I did it. I feel stronger for it. Crying doesn’t make you weak, like I used to think, it makes you stronger, more empowered than ever.




What are you passionate about? I mean really passionate about? It can be your husband, your kids, your job, or maybe it was that cupcake I mentioned yesterday. 😉 Whatever you feel passionate about should be embraced, not hidden. It is part of what makes you who you are. Don’t feel ashamed, shout it from the rooftop. I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT CUPCAKES!! lol.. can you tell they are one of my faves? You can be passionate about many things. In my devotion this morning, I was reminded that we are all created in the image of God. So maybe He shares some of those passions. Maybe He is as passionate as you are about that one thing that keep you going, that thing that gets you out of bed each day. The next time you check out your reflection in the mirror, who knows maybe you are passionate about how you look and you check it out multiple times a day, remember you are a child of the King. That just sounds amazing, doesn’t it? No matter how you are feeling about yourself at any given moment, God loves you, He cares about what you are passionate about.



In case you are wondering I am passionate about God, my family, my business, children who need help or are sick, and yes you guessed it….CUPCAKES!!