Visiting Angels

Question: Have you ever helped a beggar on the street? Offered a shoulder to cry on or a hug to someone in need? Have you ever opened your home to a person in need? Fostered a child? It is in those actions that we are told we may have helped an angel, here on earth. By helping the “least of these” we are following God’s example. His plan for us. We are doing what the Bible tells us to do.

In Genesis we are told that Abraham helps three strangers in the desert. When he invites them over to give them rest in the cool shade and provides water and washes their dusty feet, they are mere strangers to him. It isn’t until later he realizes that he is in fact in the presence of the Lord and two angels. (Genesis 18:1-15)

We are urged to help strangers in Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some have unwittingly entertained angels.” God sends them to us to remind us to show compassion to all His children. We are to treat all God’s children as honored guests, not just those who we feel are worthy. In the eyes of God we are all worthy, not just those who “look” as though they are. Whether or not you are accommodating one of Heaven’s Host, you are always offering hospitality to one of God’s most beloved ones. He loves all His children, they are always special to Him. They are always beloved to Him. That includes you, dear one!

Lord, teach me to offer hospitality to all those who I may cross paths with. Just as You have offered to me. Amen.


What If?

I want you to start out reading a truth from God. One that everyone needs to hear. One that our country as a whole needs to figure it, ready? Here it is… “The Lord reigns.” That’s right! He reigns, rules over all. Nothing we say or do will change that. These are troubling times ladies. There is pain, hurt, confusion, hatred. It is hard to be here, in this place that we are told is home. The good news I have for you today is that we are not home. We are only here temporarily, just a blip in time until we get to our true home, our place in eternity.

Take this in, for a second. Nothing that happens in the world is random. It is all planned by God. No evil we witness is beyond His control. I know there is so much evil in the world, we often wonder, where is He? How can He let this happen? Why doesn’t He stop it? Well, because of sin, free will and the power of persuasion. As people we are weak, unable to stop some of the evil inside of us. Just look at Eve. Unable to control the power of persuasion herself. We are given free will. God didn’t want puppets on strings. No, He wanted us to CHOOSE Him. Not be forced into a relationship with Him. He knows what will bring people to Him in the end. What if all this evil is what will bring all God’s people to Him in the end. What if, in the grand scheme of things all the evil we see now is what will bring us into an eternity of goodness, of greatness and of peace?

I implore you to be thankful of God’s sovereignty. Be thankful that when it comes to God, His Word and His promises, there are no “gray areas”. God is black and white, meaning He is clear, never ending and always the same. He never changes. We can choose to trust Him instead of worrying about the what-ifs. I know as women, we are programmed to worry about everything. But, we can find peace in the truth that our God is in charge of every single situation that pops up in our lives. We can also find peace in knowing that the things that are out of our control (basically everything) is always withing God’s control. He will guide us, never leave us, and get us through all those what-if questions and scenarios we worry and wonder about.

Oh Lord, my King, I thank and praise you for the peace I may experience because I know you are sovereign, yesterday, today and forever. 



She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. Proverbs 31:17

Oh how I love the book of Proverbs. In this book we hear how awesome God created us. He created us with the ability to handle so much. I am amazed at my own strength sometimes. We really have to be able to put up with a lot in this life before we get to go home with the Lord. This verse tells us how God really created us to be.

One way God created us to be strong is by giving us the ability to balance having a career and a personal life. We are daughters, wives, mothers, and friends. We are also business people, teachers, entrepreneurs and much more. For those women who stay home and do not have a paying job, they are, cooks, maids, chauffeurs, financial managers and much, much more.

So many women put so much pressure on themselves to be thin. Well, what society says is thin and beautiful. Did you know that most men don’t hunt for that skinny, petit childlike woman? They are more interested in the woman’s talents and maybe overall health. I cook pretty healthy, most days, but there are those days when I want, no need ice-cream or cupcakes or a candy bar. Guess What? Your weight doesn’t define who you are, it doesn’t even define how healthy you are.

The final strength I am going to mention here is emotional. Women handle a lot emotionally. We take on the pressures of the house, the finances and in my case, my businesses. I sometimes feel drained mentally, physically and emotionally. I look to my husband to fill my cup and tell me how great I am and how well I am doing. It affirms my decision-making. I feel it is important to go through life with someone. God tells us this in the Bible. After all, marriage was created by Him to fulfill this. It began as early as Adam and Eve.

As far as energetic is concerned, I have my days just as everyone else does. Days, I would rather sleep, rest or just read or watch TV. With four kids, a husband and two businesses, this is rarely an option. Most days I finish working around 4:00 pm but then I have my writing and my serving at church. I am off to do that tonight. Serving Christ is vitally important to me to fill my Spiritual cup.




Blessed is she who believed that the Lord will fulfill His promises to her. Luke 1:45

God wants you to live a blessed life! God wants you to be fulfilled in what you do. He wants you to be empowered by His Word and what He has planned for you. Yes, He has plans for you. Whether they are big or what some would call small, He planned it, for a reason. All you have to do is believe that He will give you meaning, that His promises from the Bible will be fulfilled. There are ways, steps to take to live that blessed life we all want so much.

First, you must have a relationship with God. It is not enough to claim we know Him and do nothing to show it. We are to live to serve Him, not others and not the enemy. God is the only way to true life and happiness. Tithing our finances is another step in living that blessed life. Many feel this can be overlooked, why do we need to give money to the church. This is, in fact, one of the most important steps in servitude. Tithing your money will bless you in many ways, starting financially. When you give your money with a happy, generous attitude, you will begin to see God’s work in your life and finances.

Blessings others with what we are given. This can be our money, or our talents. One of my talents is teaching, I just love to see kids grow, especially spiritually. I give time every week to teaching on Sundays and again on Wednesdays. This is the highlight of my week. Going to church and seeing their faces, helping them learn and grow in Christ. We are to improve our abilities, whatever they are. Like I said, I enjoy teaching. In order to teach kids about Christ, I must learn about Him. Each year I go on a women’s retreat to renew myself in the Lord. I use this time to reflect and pray about the year so far and the year to come. It is a weekend full of praise, worship and breakout sessions so we can learn the best way to serve Christ and be fulfilled in our work for Him.

Biblical Empowerment


She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

Wow! What a verse that describes how we are to view women. Not as weak creatures with little or nothing to offer the world. No, God tells us that women are equal to men in every way. Women possess great power and dignity. We are full of grace, love, kindness, compassion and empathy. Men often lack many of these attributes. Men and women are equal, but not the same. It’s okay to say that because God has a purpose for both men and women, He did not create us to be the same. Equal, yes. The same? No…

God is within her, she will not fall. Psalm 46:5

When we take God into our lives, He is with us and will not let us fall. Does that mean we will live a perfect life, without hardship or pain? No, it simply means He is there for us, to catch us, to understand and help us along the way. We must choose our path of righteousness. We much look to Him for answers, clarity and mercy. Starting each day in His Word will help us with that. How does that look? Well, for me, personally, I start each day with yoga, to clear my mind and help me focus. I then do Bible readings and devotions. I wrap it up with prayer time. My mornings are filled with Christian music, no tv, no news, no social media. Just me and God. This takes time, discipline, the ability to get up each day earlier than everyone else.

These next several days I will be sharing some verses and insights to those verses to empower us all as women and get us through the day in His Word.



prosperity-slide-1154x649 I think this is a great word. If you are still searching for a word for 2019, how about this one? This is packed full of meaning. It is talked about countless times in the Bible. Being prosperous isn’t always about the amount of money we make. What about being prosperous with our time? How about with God? With others? There is so much we can learn if we are diligent about how we choose to view this word. In the book of Proverbs we read over and over again the importance of prosperity. We are told to be careful with our money, time and even hearts. If we are rich and do nothing for those who are poor, we do not receive favor from God. Those who love pleasure become poor; those who love wine and luxury will never be rich. (21:17)

As far as financial prosperity is concerned, it is God’s Will for us. He wants us to live our lives comfortably financially. He doesn’t want us to have to struggle to make ends meet. This will look differently for everyone. Our family chooses to live simply and not beyond our means. With a daughter with numerous disorders, a son with Autism and a two-year old, plus another teen, we often don’t have the means to live what some would call luxuriously. I work but don’t make a whole lot of money, just enough to help with bills. We haven’t taken a family vacation since our boys were little. We can sometimes get away, just the two of us to reconnect or sometimes with one or two of our kids, but not all of us together. I feel prosperous because all of our bills get paid and we have a fridge and cabinets full of food. That makes me happy. Maybe, because there was a time, many years ago that my cabinets and fridge were almost bare and I went without food to make sure my kids ate. That’s when I was a single mom, struggling with an Autistic child alone.

Be a blessing to others. God doesn’t bless you so you can hoard it over others. You have been blessed so you can bless others. I make sure to help people where and when I can. Our church often takes meals to people in need. I sign up to take them something, it’s simple and fairly inexpensive, I just add a little to my grocery list and budget that week. It blesses them and in turn God blesses me. I also donate money or time in some way during the holidays. This year we donated enough to feed six families a Thanksgiving dinner. We may not have a lot left over after all is said and done but I am blessed to have a roof over my family’s heads and I just feel that Jesus would want us to spread what we have to give joy to others.

An important thing about helping others is to do for the glory of God, not for your own glory. I only told you about how I bless others as an example. I also wanted you to know, I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I don’t usually tell people how I work for the Lord. I do it in silence. I pray for those in need silently, so no one knows but me and God. That is all who needs to know. You don’t need earthly recognition, God will not bless one who brags of the work she has done. God blesses those who take joy in working for Him without awards or a thank you.

Show others your light and joy in the Lord. Maybe you will lead someone to the cross. Have a joy filled and prosperous day.



Being a creative thinker means to take what we know and turn it into a strength we can use to empower ourselves to be more, be the best we can be. As a teacher and freelance writer I tap into my creative side each day. Whether it is lesson planning or blogging, I need that part of me to live each day to its fullest. I listen to music that will get those juices flowing as I am planning or writing.

Whether it is art, or coaching others, teaching, nursing or just being at home you can tap into this awesome entity of yourself and use it. It is my passion to think outside of the box to solve problems. You need to live life as fully and creatively as possible. Believe in yourself and in the empowerment inside of you and what you have to offer the world.

Discover your creative voice. Before you are truly able to, know who you are you need to know what is true in your own heart. Listen to the creative impulses you already have inside of you. They will point you toward knowing who you are and what is right for your life. Your inner voice will guide you to your deepest desires and passions. You must claim your worthiness and get rid of any negative beliefs you have about yourself.

Identify your personal purpose and meaning in life. Doing this will help line up all your focus, actions and investments. What you make of different events and experiences that happen in your life is up to you and no one else. What happens to you because of the actions and decisions of others is out of your control. Stop giving away your power to others because of what they may think of you. Stop looking outside of God and yourself for approval and worthiness. Be worthy in God’s eyes and your own. It is a journey, relationship and practice that comes from within.

Without faith, you have nothing, faith in God, faith in yourself. Faith fuels the imagination and creates reality. Make space in your life for what you want. Expect it to come and let life blow your mind. Commit to be creative in all you do. Without commitment you will fail.

I would love to hear about some of your creative life experiences. What do you do to keep creativity flowing in your life?