What If?

I want you to start out reading a truth from God. One that everyone needs to hear. One that our country as a whole needs to figure it, ready? Here it is… “The Lord reigns.” That’s right! He reigns, rules over all. Nothing we say or do will change that. These are troubling times ladies. There is pain, hurt, confusion, hatred. It is hard to be here, in this place that we are told is home. The good news I have for you today is that we are not home. We are only here temporarily, just a blip in time until we get to our true home, our place in eternity.

Take this in, for a second. Nothing that happens in the world is random. It is all planned by God. No evil we witness is beyond His control. I know there is so much evil in the world, we often wonder, where is He? How can He let this happen? Why doesn’t He stop it? Well, because of sin, free will and the power of persuasion. As people we are weak, unable to stop some of the evil inside of us. Just look at Eve. Unable to control the power of persuasion herself. We are given free will. God didn’t want puppets on strings. No, He wanted us to CHOOSE Him. Not be forced into a relationship with Him. He knows what will bring people to Him in the end. What if all this evil is what will bring all God’s people to Him in the end. What if, in the grand scheme of things all the evil we see now is what will bring us into an eternity of goodness, of greatness and of peace?

I implore you to be thankful of God’s sovereignty. Be thankful that when it comes to God, His Word and His promises, there are no “gray areas”. God is black and white, meaning He is clear, never ending and always the same. He never changes. We can choose to trust Him instead of worrying about the what-ifs. I know as women, we are programmed to worry about everything. But, we can find peace in the truth that our God is in charge of every single situation that pops up in our lives. We can also find peace in knowing that the things that are out of our control (basically everything) is always withing God’s control. He will guide us, never leave us, and get us through all those what-if questions and scenarios we worry and wonder about.

Oh Lord, my King, I thank and praise you for the peace I may experience because I know you are sovereign, yesterday, today and forever. 

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