Resolve   It’s been a while since my last blog, months actually. Life kind of got in the way. Life with four kids, husband and running my own business. Things can get busy. No matter how organized I think I am. I know you have been hearing the word resolution thrown out there a lot these last few days. I know you probably made one. Resolutions can be so hard and if they are broken you feel down on yourself, even if just a little. I have really likes the idea I have been seeing about a word for the year. People choose a word and make a plan on how they want it to be a part of their life in the new year. I have seen words like Intentional, what a great word to try to accomplish in the new year. I think living your life intentionally is a great idea. The key after choosing a word is to sit down and make a plan on how to execute it. Without that plan, the word is useless, because just like the resolution to lose weight or quit smoking it gets forgotten. Not on purpose but because life gets in the way.

I have chosen a word for the year, after a lot of contemplating. I chose Present. I choose to live in the present this year. Not to dread the past or worry about the future. Why? Because it is all in God’s hand. I want to be more present with my children and the children who I care for each day. I want to be more present in my service work at church. Teaching younger kids about the Gospel is important and needed in this day. I look forward to being more present in my marriage, maybe it will draw us closer. I have started a plan, although I have failed to write it down. Part of my plan is to restart our marriage devotion, something that has proved to work well for our relationship as well as our relationship with God.

So make a plan and do your best to live it out this year.

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