What does it mean to be radiant. Being beautiful and being radiant are two totally different thing. You can make yourself beautiful on the outside by artificial and superficial means. Makeup, clothes, hair, shoes, surgery, the list goes on about how we can change our looks to be what society considers beautiful. But to be radiant? Is it obtainable and if so, how do you become radiant?

One of the things that sets a radiant woman apart from others is confidence. This is not confidence that exudes itself as arrogant or conceited. It isn’t based on anything she can do such as beauty, possessions, talent or popularity. Her confidence is found in Christ alone, what He has done for her and who she is in Him. A radiant woman is confident in Christ. 

Next is beauty, not the beauty I mentioned that is artificial or superficial, but true inner beauty. This beauty comes from a beautiful heart, full of genuine love and kindness. Her beauty is not only seen but felt by all who come in contact with her. Her beauty is genuine and true. A radiant woman is beautiful on the inside.

Finally, the last trait I have for you this morning. She is joyful. Being joyful and being happy are two different things. Many people thing that if you are happy then you have joy but that isn’t true. Happiness is based on circumstances and material things, joy is found in the Savior. She goes to Him for joy when happiness is nowhere to be found. Joy flows out of her heart to others around her. A radiant woman is full of joy…for the LORD.

Personally, I know I am far from being all of these things all of the time. It is hard! There are days that I am good at it and feel radiant, other days, not so much. I feel drained, not willing to be anything I listed above. I fake it, sometimes well, sometimes not. We should pray each day that we have these traits, not only for the Lord but for ourselves and to be a light to others who need it. By becoming more radiant we can shine a light into the lives and hearts of others. 



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