Welcome to my site! Here you will be encouraged through the Word of God. Ways to pray, be thankful and be led to the cross. In our society God is rarely feared or even acknowledged. It is my goal to change that, help others see the importance of God in their daily lives. Point to Heaven through all the trials, point to hope and peace each day. With chaos all around us, at home and across this country it is my goal to offer hope and the love of Christ to others.

I am a daughter of the King, just like you. I am also a wife, mom of four, three teens and a toddler. I am a business owner and I am in the process of helping my husband get his business off the ground. I am busy everyday with life, just as we all are as women. I hope that as I am encouraged each morning, I will be able to encourage you and help you see that with God, all things are possible.